... from an interview ...

„What turns you on?“
„I love it when people watch me having sex, when people watch me when I kiss, give a good blow job, when I fuck and get fucked, when I have hot and horny pig sex and all kinds of action. That is why I love to do porn movies and live shows in clubs. I also love it when men get turned on by me and really enjoy having unforgettable sex with me, that is why I also love to be an escort.“

„What do you mean by: real man 4real men?“
„That we are men in our minds and our hearts with real strong men hands. And with our cocks and arses. That we have backbone and are sensitive. That we have emotions and are not afraid of their consequences. I love everything; from vanilla to kinky to rough and hard! I am what I am; always honest about that. As a lover, as an escort, as a masseur, as a kisser. As a dominant top I take a man good and hard. As a devoted bottom I love to be taken and used and I will take it how it should be done. Together with you, or with more in a group. When it feels good, that is unforgettable; men know that. The men I go for are men that look for real men; and I am that real man!“